During construction works, retaining walls are often required to shape the surrounding earth. Red Leaf Developments is experienced in the install of such structures, making usable beds from steep terrain, holding back higher ground and preventing soil erosion. For construction in confined areas, temporary retaining walls can be installed to provide a safe working space. During bridge constructions, our team of engineers and skilled staff are available to design and create abutments and wing walls. Our team can provide reliable solutions in the coastal environment/marine sector in the form of sea and flood defence walls, combating erosion and water inundation.

Retaining walls are an important part of many construction sites and they need to remain safe and strong throughout a construction project and often, beyond. We can design and install high quality retaining walls for your construction project, we specialise in sheet piling, barrette and reinforced styles.

Steel Sheet Piling & Interlocking concrete

Sheet piling walls are made of interlocking sections of steel, concrete or timber, with as much as two thirds of the sheet driven into the ground below, this gives the wall the strength needed to withstand the material behind it.

We will often suggest the use of these types of retaining walls where the soil is soft or when the available space is limited on site as this style of retaining wall has small footprint but also needs a surface that it can be driven in to.

Barrette & King Pile

Constructed from reinforced concrete columns laid horizontally with their long axis in the direction of retention with vertical king piles holding them in place. These retaining walls offer great strength and can easily have sections replaced should they become damaged.

These are fast to be put up and can be much more easily removed than other types of retaining walls, we’ll often suggest use of these types of retaining walls when there’s a need to erect a retaining wall quickly or for temporary retaining walls that need to be removed once a project is completed.

King Pile Retaining wall

Reinforced Cantilever

Made with reinforced concrete and connected to a slab foundation, often in the shape of an L or T, cantilever retaining walls transfer the horizontal pressure of the retained material into vertical pressure that feeds into the ground. Cantilever retaining walls are one of the most common forms of retaining wall used to retain soil ingress on a site, but they are often also used in recycling plants and Material Recovery Facilities to store materials before separation or recycling begins.

These structural retaining walls can be installed quickly onto existing concrete pads and floors due to their prefabricated nature, making them a good choice for temporary retaining walls or for projects that require a faster turn around time.

Abutment & Wing Walls

Abutment walls and wing walls are used during the construction of bridges, an abutment wall is a substructure that is locked to the ends of bridges to provide end support to the bridge superstructure while retaining the embankment on the roadway approach. A wing wall retains the approach roadway embankment but provides no structural support to the bridge superstructure.

Abutment and wing walls can be joined together on a project, or installed separately, the most common types of abutment walls and wing walls installed by Red Leaf Developments includes full height, stub, and open abutments.

We understand that it is not just a case of keeping earth and other materials away from a building site, but there are a complex set of variables that dictate the type and size of retaining wall required for a project. Our team will design the appropriate specification wall for your needs, considering not only earth pressure, but any potential hydrostatic pressure that the retaining walls will have to bear.

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