Specialist concrete foundations are often needed to meet the demands of certain structures and heavy machinery installations. Red Leaf Development has developed an expertise in this field and understands the unique considerations that are involved with each project. Our innovative techniques and skilled team mean we can complete specialised foundation installations to the highest specification and for challenging designs.

Red Leaf Developmentā€™s diverse experience in foundation construction has seen us work with clients throughout the recycling and renewable energies, civils, manufacturing and industrial sectors on wide ranging projects. We have installed robust concrete footings, slabs and stanchion pads for heavy machinery and fixed plant such as fixed cranes, MRFs, balers, shears, industrial presses and milling machines. We can construct foundations suited to the extra demands of high impact, vibrating plant like screeners and large trommels. Our team can also proficiently design, and construct specialised, high-strength bases for structures such as bridges, on-shore wind turbines, utilities masts and mooring bollards.

Reliable foundations are a critical element of any structure or heavy machinery installation project. At Red Leaf Developments, we appreciate the need to work with a company who can offer peace of mind and the very best quality end product. Our experienced team can take control of the design process, ensuring that all requirements are met and deciding upon the most suitable techniques and material specifications for the job. On site, our operatives will complete any preparations required, including groundworks, formwork and reinforcement to guarantee the necessary integrity of the substructure.

On-shore Wind Turbine Foundations

The Red Leaf Developments team is experienced in the design and installation of a number of on shore wind turbine foundation types, including:

  • 3 Part shallow mat extension foundations
  • 3 Part ribbed beam basement foundations
  • Piled raft foundation
  • Carrying anchor foundations

We can recommend the most suitable foundation design for your turbine, based on location, ground type and space available. Our expert team will then fabricate any required parts before installation on site.

Transformers, substation foundations and other heavy power equipment

Red Leaf Developments have worked to produce specialist concrete foundations for a number of clients within the electrical generation industry. We understand the unique requirements needed within the design and installation of foundations for transformers, substations and other heavy power station equipment such as drainage based on topology and the site’s soil bearing capacity.

Our team can work to provide a full design, fabrication and installation service, or work from your current designs to provide a high quality installation.


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